Workplace change

Our workplace cultural change management services are aimed at engaging staff at all levels throughout the business, helping to successfully and positively facilitate cultural change with your organisation.


Change Management services

  • Communicating with staff to convey the message of why change is happening
  • Sharing the vision for the business from the leadership team
  • Communicating the benefits to the individual, team and overall business
  • Sharing the excitement and making change a positive experience
  • Encouraging people to discuss their ideas, fears and concerns
  • Walking staff through the differences in a working day that the change will bring
  • Coaching staff to engage with the change
  • Developing a team of change champions to reinforce and support the change both before and after

Cultural Change Workshops

At these sessions we engage at all levels throughout the business to facilitate cultural change.

  • We explain why change is happening
  • We share the vision for the business from the leadership team
  • Talk about the benefits to the individual, team and business
  • Share the excitement and make change a positive experience
  • Encourage people to discuss their ideas, fears and concerns
  • Walk through the new working day
  • Coach staff to engage change
  • Develop a team of change champions to reinforce the change both pre and post

Personality Profiling

When you are considering changing your physical office environment, either its design or its culture, it is important to understand the personality types you have working in your organisation, as one size does not fit all. We are advocates of the DISC personality profiling method, DISC refers to the four core personality styles:

  • Dominant – mainly outgoing and task-aligned
  • Influence – mainly outgoing and people-aligned
  • Steady – mainly reserved and people-aligned
  • Compliant – mainly reserved and task-aligned

There is no right or wrong or good or bad style, our personalities are unique and a blend. It’s not just about knowing who your introverts, or your extroverts are?

Current ways of working ensure we have quiet and communal areas. But ask yourself what really makes your team tick? Getting to know their personality styles, will truly help you to understand not just how they want to work but when and where they want to work. Helping them to reach their best potential.

Staff Wellbeing Consultation and Guidance

The mantra for our company is all about; “Creating people powered places” Wellbeing creates powerful people!

The truth is that many of the UK workforce are stressed, sick and tired, and we cannot afford it. 88% of healthcare claim costs are lifestyle related.

Chronic disease affects all employers because it reduces the quantity and quality of human capital.

“On average, people in the UK work 36 hours per week, this means that for almost half of each waking day, our working environment is influencing our mood and emotions.”     Workplace Wellbeing Charter, UK

Why wellbeing for the workplace?  

  • Less healthcare costs through less absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Promotes engagement and happiness driving productivity
  • Building a culture of engagement and wellbeing rather than burnout lies at the heart of any successful talent management strategy