Workplace analytics

Our range of workplace surveys provide an accurate insight into how your workspace currently functions. Through a comprehensive and accurate assessment of the relationship between staff and their working environment, our studies empower you with a core understanding of what is truly required to improve your workplace. 

Space Utilisation Study

A WWW Space Utilisation Study provides in-depth data on the utilisation of locations, teams, facilities, breakout spaces and meeting rooms and will highlight areas that are opportunities for change.

Our space utilisation provides evidence-based design by:

  • Measures how frequently desks, meeting rooms or other any chosen working area, are in use
  • Demonstrate desk-sharing opportunities
  • Identifies areas of low and high utilisation
  • Maps the agility of individual groups or zones
  • Reveals the primary activities staff are engaging within the workplace.
  • Identifies actual desk utilisation and makes recommendations by department on requirement
  • Advising on the right size, type and location of meeting spaces.
  • Advising on the right size, mix of use and location of breakout spaces.

Activity Sampling

Activity Sampling provides an innovative insight into how well a workplace functions by analysing behaviour within the workplace.

Activity sampling covers:

  • Why staff choose to occupy certain areas of the office?
  • Why spaces are being used for specific tasks or meetings?
  • Where and why incidental interactions occur and why?
  • Why certain office facilities are left unused?
  • Where a flow of movement or route of travel exists?
  • Why staff often gather at a specific desk?
  • Where staff go to make private phonecalls

Office Accommodation E-Survey

We engage with your employees via our Office Accommodation E-Survey which can be tailored to areas that are important to you. The survey uncovers staff perceptions of the workplace, to enable a better understanding of their current work style, how they use space, their possible agility and most importantly how they’d like to work.

Output from the e-survey helps to identify:

  • Workplace effectiveness
  • Workplace satisfaction
  • Key areas for improvement
  • Interaction and adjacency
  • Activity perception
  • Commuting and staff locations
  • Aspirations for their working environment

 Business Needs Interviews

As part of our rich data set, our team conduct a series of structured face to face interviews with the staff, either on a one to one basis or as small groups. These are held with key members of staff from each department, at all levels.

Key aspects our interviews cover:

  • Department profiling
  • Adjacency mapping
  • Opportunity to get feedback on our observations
  • Projected department growth and needs
  • Key facilities required
  • The good, the bad and the ugly about their current workplace
  • Discuss places they have visited that are inspirational
  • Identify any social or cultural behaviours that help or hinder the effectiveness of the environment

Employees are invited to participate, involving them in the journey. This allows them to understand and be part of the solutions when they are presented to them.

Storage and Filing Audits

Storage and filing audits are a physical survey of your storage cabinets, and rooms. This study enables us to identify your file types, their retention periods, and will also highlight storage areas that can be rationalised.

Filing and Storage audits identify:

  • The opportunities to optimise space through improved document management
  • Filing needs for defined work-styles
  • Reduction targets
  • Retention and destruction strategies
  • Potential anchor points within the office

This allows us to establish which files can be kept, archived, scanned or destroyed. The outputs of this study allow for valuable real estate space to be released and reassigned for alternative use or for the introduction of new work settings or working practices.

Travel Demographic Study

Are you in the process of making that “Go or Leave” decision for your office accommodation? Our Travel Demographic Study will allow you to ascertain how disruptive a leave decision could be to your organisation, through extended travel times for staff and extra travel costs.

At WWW our workplace consultants will liaise with your HR Team to ascertain postcodes for staff members to complete a staff location demographic study and report. The production of the report is completely anonymous so does not encounter any GDPR breaches of confidentiality. This knowledge allows for an informed decision to be made when considering alternative locations.

The Demographic Study includes the following:

  • Map of staff locations nationwide
  • Details of current commute times
  • Details of the impact of alternative relocation locations
  • The impact it will have on the staff commute times and costs
  • A full detailed report